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                        [F4A] Branded [Hypnosis][HFO][Edge Play][Branding][Latex][Snaps][Extreme Slavery][My Latex Servants][Layers][Binaural Beats]
                <div class="jp-description">
                    <p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">
                        The sequel to "Snick" which can be found on my subreddit r/shibbysays

These files are both very playable on their own... but a much deeper experience... deeper trance when combined.

Clamber back into the pool of latex and drift away until you find yourself before your Domina. With your latex covered body prostrated before me, I apply your restraints, your submissive mind eager for every Snick of each and every lock. You hear more footsteps in the cave on either side of me. I have brought slaves to do my dirty work, to tease and torture you with a searing pleasure. Each glance of their fingers along your body, each grope of your most sensitive areas, causes the latex surrounding their grasp to roil and electrify you with white hot heat, as you FOCUS on the sensations I that I have instructed them to give you. They bring you tantalizingly close to a fiery finish, before I interrupt, bringing you over the edge in a way that only I can provide, branding you.
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                    autoBlur: false,
                    smoothPlayBar: true,
                    keyEnabled: true,
                    remainingDuration: true,
                    toggleDuration: true

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