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        <div class="jp-audio" id="jp_container_1">
            <div class="jp-type-single">
                <div class="jp-gui jp-interface">
                    <div class="jp-controls">
                        <button class="jp-play" role="button" tabindex="1">
                        <button class="jp-stop" role="button" tabindex="1">
                    <div class="jp-progress">
                        <div class="jp-seek-bar">
                            <div class="jp-play-bar">
                    <div class="jp-volume-controls">
                        <button class="jp-mute" role="button" tabindex="1" title="mute">
                        <button class="jp-unmute" role="button" tabindex="1" title="unmute">
                        <button class="jp-volume-max" role="button" tabindex="1" title="max volume">
                            max volume
                        <div class="jp-volume-bar">
                            <div class="jp-volume-bar-value">
                    <div class="jp-time-holder">
                        <div class="jp-current-time">
                        <div class="jp-duration">
                        <div class="jp-toggles">
                            <button class="jp-repeat" role="button" tabindex="1" title="repeat">
                <div class="jp-details">
                    <div aria-label="title" class="jp-title">
                        [F4TF] Hi, I'm Shibby. And Soon You'll be a Strapped Down, Squirming MESS.  [Hypnosis]
                <div class="jp-description">
                    <p style="white-space: pre-wrap;">
                        Relax as I gently guide you down, reassuring you that this is only a temporary thing. Come and allow me to bring out your submissive side, as I claim dominance over your mind- but only for this file. You are safe with me. I promise to remove all triggers and influence at the end of this file, leaving you better then I found you. My only continuing commands after you wake up, will be for relaxation and a smile.

Gentle doesn't mean weak in any way though, and while you are under the power of my voice, I promise to have you squirming and moaning, begging for more, more, more... you'll be such mindless much you won't even know what you are begging for more of! But don't worry. I know exactly what you need, and once I have you completely immobile, restrained and helpless- I'm going to give it to you.
                <div class="jp-no-solution">
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                        Flash plugin
        <script src="//">
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        <script type="text/javascript">
            $(document).ready(function() {
                    ready: function() {
                        $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", {
                            m4a: ""
                    swfPath: "/swf",
                    supplied: "m4a",
                    useStateClassSkin: true,
                    autoBlur: false,
                    smoothPlayBar: true,
                    keyEnabled: true,
                    remainingDuration: true,
                    toggleDuration: true

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